October 17, 2018


Why Isn’t My Password Protected Room Loading?

It probably is. Give it just a second. Password protected rooms take about 10 seconds to load because we use an advanced cryptographic technique to hash passwords. It’s for your privacy!

Why can’t people hear me?

Make sure you click “Allow” on the pop-up microphone prompt the first time you log in. You only have to do it once. After that, we’ll remember you!

How do I invite people to my room?

Just share the URL. It’s really that easy.

What’s the difference between anonymous chatting, free accounts, and Pro accounts?

Anonymous users don’t need to do anything other than come into the room at chat; you can use our core functionality 100% anonymously for no cost. If you create a free account, you get one awesome feature: a friend/buddy list. With a Pro account, you get a whole bunch of cool stuff.

How big are the rooms?

Each free account or anonymous room has 5 seats. Pro rooms have up to 15 seats.

How do I add friends?

You can either type their tag into the friends list and click “send,” or you can click the “+” button by the name of anyone currently in your room.

Why isn’t there video?

Vylo was designed for gamers. So, it has to be fast and streamlined, which means we don’t want video slowing everything down. Plus, you’ll be in a game, anyway! Video would just be redundant.

Is there a push-to-talk option?

Currently, PTT is impossible in browser-only applications. We could add it, but you’d have to download something, which would defeat the whole purpose!

How can I support Vylo?

The best way to make sure Vylo continues to survive and improve is to sign up for a Pro account. However, every share, tweet and like helps!

More questions? Contact our support. We’re more than happy to help!